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The pilot for a “major US carrier” has shared his extraordinary experience as theorists continue to seemingly build evidence about the existence of extraterrestrials.

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A pilot has been left stunned after catching on camera what he claimed were mystery UFOs that illuminated and flew in random directions 32,000 feet above the ground.

Ryan Graves, a retired Navy pilot who recently testified to Congress about the existence of UFOs, has taken to Twitter to share astonishing comments made by an unnamed “Major US Carrier Captain”.

The pilot claimed others in their field have been in contact to share similar experiences of UFO sightings, including video recordings of the objects from “flight levels”.

The unnamed Major US Carrier Captian explained how last month they had departed the Dominican Republic capital of Santo Domingo destined for JFK International Airport in New York.

But one hour into the flight on approach to the southern boundary of the NY oceanic airspace at 32,000 feet, the pilot “called out a visual on traffic that was excessively bright and looked like about 80 miles range… and then disappeared visually.”

ufo sighting picture

A pilot has given an extraordinary account of what he claims was a UFO sighting (Image: Ryan Graves / @uncertainvector / Twitter)

The extraordinary comments shared by Graves state: “I never saw the traffic on TCAS (traffic collision avoidance system).

“Then a few minutes later I saw two objects round in shape, one lighted and one not flying in a formation just above the horizon, at a range I guessed of 120-200 NM.

“The object/s would illuminate to be as bright as a star for several seconds, then go dark for a few minutes, only to illuminate again.

“The brightness would vary from bright to very bright to dark. The colour of the lighted object was white light.”

ufo sighting pilot

The pilot said they made the object at around 32,000 feet (Image: Ryan Graves / @uncertainvector / Twitter)

There was a second object that can be seen in the photos the pilot took from their aircraft “that would follow the illuminated object, but it would not illuminate itself”, except for the “3:10-3:30 second point of my video I think you can see the second object illuminate.”

This allegedly continued for the remaining two to two-and-a-half hours of the flight to New York in Oceanic airspace.

The pilot explains how they began recording the object on their brand new Samsung S23 smartphone “which has the best camera on the market for a cell phone”.

The comments continue: “I have a great seven-minute video of it appearing and disappearing while I was talking to other airliners on 123.45 vhf about it.

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