Popular YouTuber Logan Paul confirmed on his podcast that he has stolen footage which purportedly confirms the existence of UFOs.

Stock image of a UFO / Logan Paul appearing on Impaulsive, airing May 9, 2023

Logan Paul issued a fiery statement saying he’s “not afraid” to release explosive footage of UFOs that he secretly recorded.

The YouTuber, WWE wrestler and former Vine star said on his podcast that he is in possession of a video purportedly confirming the existence of UFO’s.

Breaking his silence on the extraterrestrial clip, he said on his Impaulsive podcast that he tried to buy the footage from Nevada man Chuck Clark for $100,000 in cash.

After Clark refused, Paul used a hidden camera to record the UFO video and said: “What do you want from me bro, I’m a sneaky little f***.”

Logan Paul appearing on Impaulsive, airing May 9, 2023

Paul told his co-host Mike Majlak and guest Jeff Wittek: “I offered him $100,000 for this tape after I had seen it.

“Let me tell you this, he should have f***ing taken the money because I got the footage anyway.

“And I’ll tell you why I did it. Because it’s a little twisted of me to put on a small button camera and film UFO footage that isn’t mine.”

Paul also noted Clark was not the original owner of the video, and when asked why he hasn’t shared it, he said: “I’m waiting for the right moment. I’m not afraid to release it.”

He also said he wanted to show it to Bob Lazar, a conspiracy theorist who claimed to have worked on reverse-engineering UFO technology for the US government in the 1980s.

“I would show the footage to Bob Lazar to ask him if he’s seen anything like it and in that case maybe,” Paul said. “If he can verify the legitimacy of this tape then maybe I would release it.”

But, Paul did pour cold water on whether his UFO video proves that aliens exist. He said: “You don’t see the aliens … the footage is compelling, not convincing.

“It’s from 1995, the tape had been worn down, it’s been played probably over 100 times so the quality is not great, and everything about it screams bulls***.

“Which is the true reason I haven’t released it. It doesn’t have enough meat on the bone and proof for me to put it out confidently and be like, this is legit UFO footage.

“There is one kind of interesting thing about the video that could prove its validity. When you scrub through the footage forward and back kind of fast … the disc hovers so fluidly, it’s like buoyant almost in the air.

“And I’m not sure if that type of movement … was possible in 1995 VFX editing. It looks too good. It’s the one compelling thing about this video where I’m like, maybe that’s something.

“But I just don’t have enough information at the moment to confidently release this video, unless I can prove that it is somewhat legit, and maybe Bob Lazar can help me.”

UFO documentary filmmaker James Fox told the Joe Rogan Experience last month that Paul had the clip.

He also described Clark’s footage, saying: “One of them goes, ‘It’s over the top of us! it’s over the top of us!’ Then all of a sudden the car lights up on the inside.

But the source of light is above it. If you can imagine. If you could put a pendulum with a light source above a vehicle. Like above the car. But very slow and fluid motion.”

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