The Devil Could Return In The Form Of AI, Says Athos Salome

Athos Salomé, a Brazilian seer known as the “modern Nostradamus” for having hit several predictions, argues that the materialization of this biblical figure could come from new technologies, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

The Devil Could Return In The Form Of AI, Says Athos Salome

The Return Of The Devil As AI Predicted By Athos Salome

In a note with the Daily Star, Athos argues that the head of the Russian Orthodox Church already points to smartphones themselves as the possible Antichrist of the modern era, being more likely to be technological than human in particular.

In the Apocalypse of San Juan, also known as the Book of Revelations, it can be read that people will be peacefully dominated and marked with a mark on their foreheads and in the palm of their hands. Something that, according to some contemporary exegetes, could easily be interpreted as the same smartphone, since the device, when placed in the palm of the hand, reflects its light right in the center of the forehead.

Athos warns about the possibility of humanity being defended, in a new order, by a Knight Templar, who could possibly fight the so-called Antichrist.

The Devil Could Return In The Form Of AI, Says Athos Salome
Athos Salomé claims to have had visions of the future since she was 12 years old.

“It should be remembered that the mission of the Knights Templar, made up of warrior monks, was to protect the population that wanted to reach the Holy Land,” said the 36-year-old young prophet.

But who could this Knight Templar be? Athos points to a figure who has repeatedly warned of the dystopian future that awaits us if we don’t rein in artificial intelligence and the technology that could lead to a new breed of humans combined with machines: Elon Musk—whom others have ironically pointed to as a reincarnation. of the evil one.

The Devil Could Return In The Form Of AI, Says Athos Salome
Elon Musk surprised his fans with his outfit choice at Heidi Klum’s 21st annual Halloween party.
Some pointed it out as an allusion to the entity Baphomet, related to both Satanism and Freemasonry.
Credit: FilmMagic.

In addition, he insists on emphasizing that the Antichrist will not come from the first known world, but “from a state within a state.” He believes that the materialization of this mythical figure could come from the hand of new technologies, artificial intelligence and robotics.

Explaining his prediction of the future, the Brazilian prophet said that they come from the study of the occult, mathematical applications, and calculations based on the Kabbalah of Judaism. Among other things, he has so far predicted that Argentina and a European country would reach the World Cup final, the death of the Queen of England, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the devastating global pandemic of Covid-19.

Another of his visions, which he claims has come true, is that of the world’s richest man buying the Twitter platform.

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