Anonymous publishes audio of former Area 51 employee talking about possible alien invasion

Anonymous recently leaked an alleged call from a former Area 51 worker that discusses in detail how the aliens infiltrated Area 51 and how they plan to attack us all in the coming days.

You can listen to the clip for yourself here. On it, you can hear the guy talking about how he has little time before he can locate the caller. He declares that there are aliens in Area 51 and, despite what everyone is thinking, they are definitely in charge.

He claims that the US government already knows about the attack and is preparing to retaliate once the aliens enter orbit. They refer to these aliens as “extra-dimensional beings” and claim that they are really evil and that their only purpose is to destroy our population.

However, according to him, there is hope, as there are apparently safe areas in Asia where we can hide.
Since the official release of the audio clip, people have been wondering about the legitimacy of it all.

Some claim that this audio has been around since 1997, that Anonymous didn’t intercept it, but discovered an older file that was recorded sometime in the past, which I think is true.

The video below is in English, enable subtitles

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