Former Navy Officer Tells The Truth About Antarctica


Everybody knows Antarctica is one of the most mysterious areas on the planet. The mystery surrounding Antarctica is only increased when the FAA declares a No-Fly Zone right in its middle. But before we get any further down the rabbit hole we need to carefully review Piri Reis Map.

The Piri Reis map shows the Antarctic continent without ice that we now see, a green continent. This unique chart was found by the Russian expedition led Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen, Mikhail Lazarev around 500 years back.

While escorting scientists and researchers to Antarctica, a naval officer recounts his adventures. He also witnessed a medical emergency in Antarctica. During the medical emergency, the naval officer was forced to traverse Antarctic ice.

He claimed that all the researchers he had accompanied to Antarctica vanished unexpectedly for two weeks. No one was able reach them during this time. They returned from their trip to Antarctica shocked by the events and were instructed by high-ranking officials not to discuss it.

A satellite photographed an odd oval object in Antarctica in 2012.

This bizarre structure can be seen on the ice. However, preliminary analysis has not been able to determine if it is an artificial or natural phenomenon.

This isn’t an isolated incident. Many interesting structures and strange artifacts from Antarctica have been discovered over the years. The photo below shows an unidentified object, which crashed on a Antarctica slope.

One thing is certain, Antarctica is a remote location that few people have access to.

Some people believe there is an underground civilization. There are portals that allow access to Antarctica.

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