Ernst Rifgatovich Muldashev, a Russian surgeon, has always been on the search for evidence of ancient civilizations that perished long before humans came on the globe. Muldashev is confident that an ancient civilization exists, and his beliefs are supported by archaeological finds and references, as well as countless UFO claims and folklore.

These 4 Ancient Civilizations Existed On Earth Long Before Human Race

He argues that four more civilizations existed earlier to ours. ASURAS, THE NATIVES

According to Muldashev, this was the earliest civilisation on Earth more than 10 million years ago. They were incredibly tall, reaching up to 165 feet in height. They interacted by telepathy and lived for about ten thousand years. According to Muldashev, these aliens are from the planet Phaethon. THE ATLANTICIANS

The Asuras underwent a bodily change, giving rise to the Atlanteans. They were a little smaller and didn’t have any bones. However, they did have a third eye between their brows. THE LEMURIANS ARE THE BUILDERS OF THE SPHINX.

The Lemurians arose after the Atlanteans vanished. These were fairly similar to humans in that they had skeletons and could tell the difference between sexes. They still had their third eye. They were around 26 feet tall and lived for approximately 1000 years. According to Muldashev, they were the ones who erected the Sphinx and Stonehenge. BOREI ARE THE MOST CONNECTED TO THE HUMAN RACE.

These species resembled humans more than Lemurians. The maximum allowed height was 13 feet. They were forced to depart the planet as a result of a nuclear explosion about 25 thousand years ago. THE ARYANS FOLLOWED THE FALL OF ATLANTIS.

Muldashev claims that after the destruction of Atlantis, a new race formed. These were the immediate ancestors of humans. This race existed around 12 thousand years ago and lacked a third eye.

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