The Egyptian pyramids hide a mystery that has not yet been concluded. Some archaeologists believe that they are the creation of the ancient Egyptians, there are also people who claim that it was the hand of civilizations that are superior to humans in the building of such miracles.


The Pyramid of Cheops (or Khufu) is said to have always been built by the Egyptians. According to theories of the ancient astronauts, the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids, but under the direction of the gods.(Enoch)

The official story says that Pharaoh Cheops built the Great Pyramid, but why was not there any statue of him found anywhere? A construction so large, that resisted the passage of time, denotes a megalomania in some way. So why was not his statue found inside the pyramid?

Some theories affirm that the pyramid of Cheops (Khufu) was a species of energy plant, and that it takes its name from a simple cartridge found inside the pyramid. It is said that the only reason why it is known as Khufu or Khufu is due to a Victorian graffiti. When Colonel Howard Vyse, used drills, and powder barrels to go into the Great Pyramid, he was determined to create his name as an Egyptologist.(Enoch)

Although Colonel Vyse wrote in his diary that he did not find anything that looked like a cartridge, two years later, when he published his book, he wrote that he had found a cartridge painted red with the name of Pharaoh Khufu.(Enoch)

This is the only source in which the great pyramid is dated to the time of Khufu, 2500 years old, because the researchers believe that at that time Khufu ruled.

Two students from the University of Dresden, Germany, managed to(Enoch) steal a sample of the paint with which the cartridge was painted and took it to the laboratory in Germany for analysis and carbon dating.

The sample analyzed was too small to be dated, but the technicians were able to determine something shocking: the pigment was not painted on the original stone blocks, but believed to have been added later when the repairs were made. This finding suggests that the cartridge was not original to the construction of the pyramid but was added at a much later date

Colonel Vyse had spent more than $ 3 million on his expedition to discover the truth about the great pyramid.(Enoch)

Is it possible that he in his desperation to find something, did the unthinkable, wrote the name of Khufu on the wall of the chamber, thus setting an inaccurate date for the structure?

This is not the only evidence that contradicts the date of the pyramid and the entire Giza complex. A text from the 7th century BC, known as the Inventory Stela, discovered in 1958, talks about the existence of the Great Pyramid as well as the Sphinx at the time of Pharaoh Khufu.

The stele indicates that when Khufu (Cheops) was Pharaoh, there was already the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid, and that he built another pyramid that is not the Great Pyramid.


Is the stele of the inventory another proof that both the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx already existed long before the reign of Khufu?

Now, according to Arab geographer and historian Taki al-Makrizi, who lived between (1364 and 1442), ENOC was known by different names in different villages, these names are, SAURID, HERMES, IDRIS, and ENOC.

He points out that the Great Pyramid was built before the great flood by a certain king called SAURID. His research revealed that SAURID is the only and the same that the Jewish society called ENOC.(Enoch)

Enoch was taken to heaven by Archangel Mikail, and ENOC was informed that a great cataclysm was about to happen and how to build the great pyramid as a storehouse for the knowledge accumulated up to that time, and therefore nothing would be lost later Of the great flood.

Thus, upon returning to earth, Enoch began to build the Great Pyramid, which was built with the help of angels.

Was ENOC really building the pyramids as al-Makrizi says?(Enoch)

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