Experts admitted that humans possess what appears to be “alien genes”.


This means that our genes have not been transmitted to our species by any human ancestor, on the contrary, it suggests that humanity acquired these genes in a far-flung past when different organisms cohabited within the same environment.

This discovery completely challenges the paradigm of human evolution based on the transmission of genes through direct ancestral lines.

Researchers managed to confirm more than seventeen genes apparently have been acquired by horizontal gene transfer.

But that’s not all! Human and Alien Hybrids are getting DNA updates directly from extraterrestrial breeds that are still monitoring activities on Earth.

This means that there are extraterrestrials-humans living on Earth. More reports suggest that humans are little by little altered and transformed by means of alien intervention.

Aliens are already here, and there must be a reason for that. If aliens are monitoring our planet is because they find it important.

Humankind starts to be a threat to the stability of planet Earth, and aliens know that; maybe they are here to prevent our own auto-destruction.

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