It seems impossible and it is incredible but the information is public and anyone can verify it. Did you know that there is a plan on the part of the UN called Agenda 21 and, thinking about the environment … suggests, among other things, depopulate the Earth?

The web Wakes up, we live a lie explains us in an article entitled “UN document reveals the plan to depopulate 95% of the world in 2030 to create the new world order” that “The United Nations for some people evokes an image of a benevolent organization dedicated to the preservation of human life wherever there is conflict, and above all fostering international cooperation and peace. But far from this peaceful image, his plan to depopulate the world by 95% by 2030 is a reality, this plan called it Agenda 21.(Agenda 21)

“Agenda 21 of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs and the Division for Sustainable Development were reportedly developed as a means to restructure the world’s population to reduce environmental impact and Improve Life Quality. However, one of the main ways to achieve this is through direct and specific depopulation. As the UN said:

“A comprehensive action plan will be adopted at the global, national and local levels by United Nations organizations, government and large groups in all areas where humans have a harmful impact on the environment.”(Agenda 21)

Another document that apparently comes out in September 1994 from the US Senate, called “UN Biodiversity Assessment on Human Population Development,” tells us that: “A reasonable estimate for an industrialized world society at the level of North American material life present would be one billion people. This should be carried out within 30-50 years, 2/3 of the population should be cut off. “(Agenda 21)

He adds that “The UN says property rights are not absolute and immutable, but are there for the convenience of any government that wants to do.” At the Rio de Janeiro Summit, it was decided that the Global Environment Facility would be the repository of all property rights. ”

Considering that we are in 2017 and that to achieve such depopulation in such a short period of time, very drastic changes should be applied to take effect in such a short stretch of time.

The choice is in a possible world war, a global epidemic or cause some kind of widespread famine caused by contaminated massive crops, these are the only options that could achieve this.(Agenda 21)

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