A man from Wyoming (USA) was arrested for being intoxicated on the public highway. He claimed that he came from the year 2048 to warn citizens about an alien invasion.

The subject was arrested at about 10 pm in the town of Casper, Wyoming, on Monday, and was identified as Bryant Johnson, who claimed to come from 2048 with the mission to inform everyone about the arrival of invading aliens within a year.

He then said he wanted to talk to the mayor of the city and continued telling the police that he could travel in time because the aliens filled his body with alcohol before stepping him on a huge platform that transported him to 2017.

He went on to say that he should have been transported to 2018 but had ended up landing a year earlier. Police said Johnson’s eyes were swollen and watery, and his speech was crooked and with a strong alcohol smell. He was taken to the emergency room, but they immediately removed him from there, as he was causing problems. The police gave Johnson the breath test and revealed that the blood alcohol content was 136 and he was arrested.

While the police, and no one else clearly, believe that Johnson has traveled in time, recent studies speak of that time travel is possible.

Speaking of time travel is nothing new since it was Albert Einstein who first proposed traveling at the speed of light away from Earth, would reduce the time for the person traveling, and people on Earth would see the time to normal speed

Many physicists claim that time travel is not only possible but has already occurred. It was said that astronaut Sergei Krikalev was in the future for 0.02 seconds after he spent 804 days in space, thanks to the dilation of time.

Of course, if Johnson had met the aliens in the future and they had superior technology, maybe time travel is a common thing in 2048, but in the meantime, we have to wait and live the present. Listen or read these kinds of stories that keep our minds free of everyday problems.

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