mainstream historians will tell you that the Great Pyramid of Giza was a glorified tomb for the Egyptian pharaohs the only monument left of the original seven wonders of the world this structure was created with impeccable mathematical precision and is a unique mysterious feat of construction and of engineering there’s only one problem the Great Pyramid has none of the characteristics of tombs including extravagant artifacts ornate wall art sealed entrances elaborate coffins or even mummies themselves it was however built with unique materials the same materials that are used today for electrical conductivity these facts are leading more and more historians to believe the pyramids may have had a far more useful purpose the Pyramid of Giza was not at all the tomb but a power plant generating and transmitting electricity to the civilization surrounding it impossible join the universe inside you for a closer look to start it’s important to comprehend the tremendous effort that went into creating these monuments the pyramids of giza are among no less than 118 of these structures in Egypt alone and that doesn’t even include those pyramids in other parts of the world given our current understanding of how early civilizations built their monuments it would have taken no less than 20 years to build these so-called tombs and that’s if no less than 20,000 workers worked daily

Pyramids True Purpose FINALLY DISCOVERED: Advanced Ancient Technology

to this day historians still can’t prove exactly how or when they were built this leads us to ask what resting place for the dead could possibly be so important that it would warrant such phenomenal effort time and precise engineering even without knowing that they have nothing in common with regular tombs you only need to stand before them to realize that’s a lot of work for a cadaver naturally we make conclusions based on the assumption that ancient civilizations were more primitive than us but what if intellectual evolution isn’t always linear can advanced technology be lost and rediscovered centuries later is it possible that an ancient culture had knowledge of and used electrical power to know for sure let’s look at another case where technology of power generation appears to have been used and then forgotten we know Edison and Tesla brought electricity into common use moving into the 20th century yet in Iraq in 1934 three artifacts were found together a ceramic pot a tube of copper and a rod of iron which when combined with a liquid acid can be used to create chemical reactions that produce an electrical charge known as the Baghdad or Parthian battery these materials date back 2,000 years ten years after their discovery someone using grape juice with similar materials successfully generated a few volts of electricity this process has since been demonstrated on the Discovery Channel’s program Mythbusters where lemon-juice activated the electrochemical reaction between the copper and the iron producing 4 volts of electricity nowadays you can simply search online to find instructions on how to create your own battery using these chemical principles but historians have long assumed that thousands of years ago there was no knowledge of this technology that this archaeological find is mere coincidence even though we’ve long marveled over artifacts with intricate gold plating which requires electricity to be created quite simply energy generation happens as a result of simple chemical properties and can be done by anyone.

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