The world is not prepared for the discovery of extraterrestrial life on another planet, at least this is what NASA’s Chief Scientist has said.

Next summer, NASA will send two rovers to Mars to drill some rocks and study their composition in the hope of finding some traces of life on the Red Planet. This mission is the best chance humanity has of discovering alien life.

This mission will be revolutionary and will be as revolutionary as the ideas proposed some centuries ago by Copernicus. It will start a new of thinking, maybe even change the paradigm we live in.

What will happen if we finally discover other living organisms? There is no answer to that question yet. Maybe they are very similar to us, maybe completely different. Are they based on the same chemical environment as us? Who knows?

Chances are not overwhelmingly positive, but NASA will do its best to get the most out of its mission to Mars.

We’ll keep you informed.

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