When was asked about the UFOs, Einstein said that the UFOs are man-made flying machines made by a very advanced ancient civilization 20.000 years ago and that they left Earth for some unknown reasons. Maybe this was the Atlantean civilization! Yep, Einstein is still regarded as one of the most intelligent humans.

Personally, besides the Ancient Astronaut Theory, I have another one. The ancient civilizations have been visited by humans from the future with the intent to help them to evolve in a certain direction. Maybe this electrical transformer was made by these human visitors from the future.

This transformer was found by the photographer and researcher Ismet Smaili in the mountains of Kosovo.
What is interesting is that the coils of this transformer are embedded into a stone, but in such a way that is making a common body with the stone. The coils are made from high purity copper.

Between the coils is an insulator that has a composition that can not be found in the natural chemical elements of Kosovo. On one of the faces, the stone has 4 symmetrical small holes which indicate that their role was to connect 4 thick wires to the transformer.

The stone itself acts as another insulator against water and moisture. So, even by today’s standards, this is a sophisticated triphasic power transformer.

The fact that this transformer is embedded in a stone indicates that it was hidden in the natural landscape of the mountains in order to deceive the ancient people of those times. For me, it is clear that was part of some power generator brought there by visitors from the future.

It is not an extraterrestrial device because the technology is very common with the technology we use today.


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