4 Ancient Advanced Civilizations Lived On This Planet Before Human Race


Rifgatovich, Ernst Muldashev, is a well-known and prominent surgeon who believes in ancient civilizations that existed before the human race.

Muldashev believes there were other civilizations on the planet before us, some more advanced than our human race.

These claims are supported by a multitude of legends about these ancient civilizations as well as testimony from people who were abducted by aliens or the most recent archaeological discoveries.

Asuras and the Natives – Muldashev claims that they were the first civilization to control this planet about 10 million years ago.

They were massive beings that measured in excess of 165 feet high and had a life expectancy of approximately ten thousand years. They could communicate with each other via telepathy, which was a highly evolved trait of Asuras.

They would have reached Earth via spaceships from Phaethon.

The AtlanteansThey were the second race on the planet. They were the descendants of the Asuras. Atlanteans were considerably shorter in stature than other people and did not have a skeleton.

The bonus was the third eye, located between the brows.

The Sphinx’s true builders would be the Lemurians.

These species arrived after Atlanteans died out, and they were very similar to humans.

They could distinguish by gender and had a complete skull. As a result of their heritage from Atlantis, the Lemurians have the third-eye.

They were 26 feet tall and could live for an average of 1000 years.

Muldashev believes Stonehenge may have been built by the Lemurians as well.

BoreiThe ancient race closest to humans is this. These aliens were approximately 13 feet tall.

They fled Earth in a panic after a nuclear explosion occurred approximately 25,000 years ago.

AryansThe Atlanteans vanished, and a new kind of Atlanteans emerged.

Our direct predecestors would have been Aryans. They had a complete skeleton, but no third eye. They were alive 12000 years ago.



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