Heinrich Kush is an archaeologist from Germany who made a significant discovery. It’s a centuries-old underground tunnel that links Turkey and Scotland. Heinrich Kush, an archaeologist wrote a book about these ancient underground passageways.

In the book, he discusses the secrets of an ancient universe. This discovery should cause a reexamination on traditional history. This massive tunnel appears to not be an isolated incident.

It is true that there are many underground tunnels in Europe. Some of these tunnels lie just below the Mediterranean Sea.

These tunnels were probably created in the Neolithic period and are thought to be thousands of year old.

It is not known what purpose these tunnels served, nor who built them. Although they appear to have been used as a safe haven, it is not clear what danger they could have been exposed to. They are averagely 70 cm high, but there are higher sections.

You can also find rooms that have oil lamps and move between different locations. Strangely, no one can explain how the Neolithic people solved the problem of air circulation within these tunnels.

These tunnels were made into hard rock by ancient “experts”. They used specific methods.

The video below will give you all the details.

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