2400-Year-Old Mysterious Ancient Bunkers and Nuclear War Shelters Were Discovered in India

India has one the oldest cultures on the planet. Recent discoveries in Bihar’s caves have helped to improve India’s image.

Each day, scholars are amazed by the number and quality of artifacts and temples that have been discovered in India.

The Weerahhadra temple and Padmanabhaswami temple both have a 2000-year old depiction on one of the walls of a bicyclist.

Recently, two man-made bunkers were discovered in Bihar’s Nagarjuna and Barabar. According to researchers, these bunkers were constructed 2600 years ago.

The inscriptions found inside these bunkers indicate that an ascetic Buddhist, or Hindu, would have sought refuge in them. It is interesting to learn more about the construction of these bunkers. They are perfect in every way.

Perfect angles and cuts are evident in the stone. These bunkers were almost impossible to build with the technology of their time, given their age. These details, I’m referring to technology that was new to the people of the time.

Maybe even the possibility that these bunkers could possibly be built with extraterrestrial tech. Researchers have debated the purpose of these bunkers, but my question remains: Who built them?

Watch the video below to learn more about these shelters.


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