New Theory Claim That Another Inner Sun And a Human Civilization May Exist Deep Inside The Earth


A new theory has emerged in recent years that suggests scientists and the governments around the world are hiding the existence of a civilisation within the Earth.

According to this theory, the North Pole has a large entryway. This large aperture seems to be the link between our civilization, and the civilization on Earth.

Venus and Astronomers appear to have discovered a similar entry. Many astronomers believe both worlds to be hollow. The Hollow Earth Theory is one the most well-known conspiracy theories. Is this true?

Accept that recent images have shown numerous claims of Inner Earth incursions. All of the evidence must be true. The mystery surrounding the North Pole and South Pole has been a constant theme.

These areas have seen many strange events over the years. Many UFO sightings have occurred in these areas. Admiral Richard Byrd is a well-known person who has spoken out about Inner Earth.

Even claiming to have been in touch with the entities living within the Earth, he even said so. They would be friendly, advanced beings who want to help humanity whenever possible.

You can see the video below.

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