FBI Has Declassified an Interesting Document Talking About Multi-dimensional Beings That Visited Earth

Recent publication of a memorandum from 1947 shows that, despite efforts to keep the information secret, the US government has maintained contact with both aliens and UFOs.

They have known for years that they exist; the only thing they didn’t want is the rest of the globe to know. This paper begins with “flying saucers,” which instantly shows that the FBI was onto something.

The paper also includes information on “multidimensional entities” that visit our planet multiple times.

Yes, it is true, we just recently got our hands on this secret FBI file.

We recommend that you read the FBI vault by yourself. However, if you don’t feel like reading, you can always view the video below.

You should know that the US government like all other governments is not something you can trust. These people always have an agenda so don’t trust them.

While they have multiplely confirmed the existence multidimensional creatures in their official document, it is not something you will hear them saying aloud. That is the fundamental issue that our culture must address.

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