NASA Own Photos Showing Huge Entrances to Underground Bases on Mars


Numerous ufologists and scholars believe there are numerous access points to underground structures on Mars.

These alien bases could be human colonies or alien ones?

Rover Curiosity took the photos you are about see. These “doors”, which are clearly visible, appear to be points of entry to undiscovered structures.

One of these structures could be the mysterious “anomaly”, which was observed by Curiosity’s rover some time ago. In the background, you can see a dome-shaped object.

Conjecture suggests that there might be openings or windows beneath the dome. Maybe some alien relics?

NASA may have attempted to find answers for the odd artifacts discovered on Mars’ surface.


Skywatcher Dahboo777 and skeptics supporting NASA’s program have both questioned NASA’s stance.

They constantly try to hide the truth regarding extraterrestrials or UFOs that were seen on Mars. In this way, they are able to deny any extraterrestrial visits to Earth or other Solar System planets.


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