Many reports have surfaced about alien abductions around the globe. There are many situations that are more fascinating and mysterious than others. But one situation will have you holding your breath.

Maurizio Cavallo, 63, was also known under the pen name Jhlos and wrote a few novels. Cavallo broke the silence during a seminar held in Turin in 2012 about his encounters and interactions with extraterrestrials.

Cavallo says they are “cosmic protectors, rainbow lords and universe caretakers.” Cavallo asserts that these entities were immortals who emerged out of the cosmos. They are from the “source,” an area where you can build eternity.

Clarion is a galaxy located about 150.000 light-years from Earth. The aliens that allegedly kidnapped him are from Clarion. These aliens, he claimed, took him to a secret base deep in the Amazon forest. Once he arrived, they removed all his reservations about him accepting new information.

What is more intriguing are the images he gave of the aliens – hybrids of extraterrestrials and humans.

Cavallo also asserted that human knowledge about the universe is flawed. For example, in the solar system there are 12 and not nine planets. Cavallo stated that his story does not intend to convince anyone. It is instead a question for each man’s conscience.


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