Witnesses Filmed An Amazing Video of Triangle-Shaped UFO Flying Over Texas


A random group of witnesses took amazing footage on October 26th 2015 at around 8:50 pm in Longview, Texas. The witnesses saw a triangular spaceship appear out of nowhere and hover just above their heads.

They picked up their phones and saw a triangular-shaped UFO appear out of nowhere.

While the first few minutes are well captured as witnesses attempt to keep an eye on UFOs, the next couple minutes are filled with found footage. This is what we would expect from 2009. It’s worth taking a look at the ending if you are interested.

Many internet critics believe it to be a UFO, or a military drone similar to the TR-3B. However, its enormous size supports this claim.

People have also spoken out about how similar this event was to the Cash Landrum incident. Cash-Landrum is one the most well-documented cases of its type in history.

This story tells the tale of Betty Cash, Vickie landrum, and Colby, her seven-year old grandson. They were returning to Dayton, Texas from their vacation when a huge, diamond-shaped object struck their car. The beam produced a strange light beam which melted the entire vehicle within a matter of seconds.

23 military helicopters followed. Cash will, however, be permanently damaged as she was allegedly diagnosed with radiation poisoning soon after. This is something you can’t just ignore.

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